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"Quilty Mag" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Denise Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-04-14 10:01:00
Just checked out the free preview of your new magazine. WOW! Looks great and shows your bubbly personality as seen on your program. Can't wait to get my copy! CONGRATS on all your hard work!!
"Awesome Magazine" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Darlene Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-05-21 16:30:21
As a confident beginning quilter I am always looking for those little things that people assume you already know. Like straightening material, the getting started stuff... I love the Quilty website and finally the magazine as I am also a magazine junkie. Thanks so much for giving us the teaching on our level and not leaving out the little things. Quilty...A+
"new magazine" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Carol Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-05-28 19:42:57
I habe tried to send an e mail, per the address listed in the book rating the magazine and listing comments. It keeps getting returned.The address listed is mary@heyquilty.com So followoing are my comments------ Love the new "Quilty" especially the parts where it tells you beginner...expert. Full size pattern pieces are GREAT, that way I don't have to enlarge them. However, there is one thing I don't like-why don't any of the quilt mags have many patterns for queen and king sizes? Most are made in twin and maybe fave a full thrown in at times. But never any instructions for queen size. I found a pattern in "Fons & Porter" mag and wrote the person that made it. She did get back to me, but didn't give me any hope as to when or if that pattern would ever be available in a larger size. It would also be nice to see material in the "Make it your own" instead of colored pencil versions. The is probably a good reason for doing it your way-no favoritism to certain fabric makers. Also, maybe on the contents page if you could highlight where to find things from the cover. I mean that is probably what made the person purchase the mag in the beginning anyway, and if they could find the page faster it would help. Thanks again for the great new mag.
"Very promising new publication" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Nicole Rodgers Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-05-29 15:45:26
I was very pleased when I discovered this new magazine. There were several "gotta make" patterns in this issue, in various sizes, which makes makes this magazine a very good value for my money. As a new quilter, I appreciated the tutorial/skill builder articles; and even my mentor, a quilter of 20+ years, went out and got her own copy because there was so much great information in it! This is a wonderful start of a great new title, from *the* name in quilting, and I am stalking the magazine rack for the next issue!
"Great Magazine for the Beginner!" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Katie Bennick Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-03 11:18:06
I bought this magazine on Friday and read it cover to cover. I love it and will definitely subscribe. Mary's style is upbeat and her tips easy to understand. Thank you Quilty for an excellent first issue.
"Awesome First!" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Sue L. Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-03 11:43:33
What an awesome "first" magazine! I found it very helpful with tips, and inspiring with ideas! Can't wait to be able to subscribe!
"Quilty Summer 2012" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Dotty Neslen Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-03 12:11:46
Love the preview! Can't wait to purchase the paper version.
"Beginner/Intermediate quilter" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Shelly Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-03 12:29:13
I saw Quilty at Walmart last week. I can't resist the newest quilting magazines and was so delighted. Fun, informative, a great read. Can't wait to try out some of the tips and patterns. Love, love, love it. Great job Mary & co.
"it is the best" Product Rating:
Posted By:  vickie t Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-08 02:27:41
I have made three quilts just by watching television shows. I cane across the Quilty magazine, read it and was totally WOWED!!!!!!! It is simple to read and understand. The projects are simple for a beginner to understand and exciting enough for an advanced quilter to want to make. How can i get a subscribtion to the magazine? Please keep on putting out the good work, us beginners need this great magazine. PLEASE DON'T STOP.
"Love the new magazine" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Terry McKinsey Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-11 09:28:27
I love this magazine! It's nice for beginners but still has the patterns and challenges for experienced quilters. It's a fun read with a ton of useful information. One question - what will be the frequency of this magazine and will subscriptions be available?
"I love this magazine" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Claudia Klingensmmith Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-11 11:01:16
This magazine is great! It has answered questions about quilting that I have had. I want to subscribe to this magazine. Please publish more
"GREAT MAGAZINE " Product Rating:
Posted By:  Evelyn Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-17 12:48:34
I love this magazine, will get it again. I found my copy at Joann's. I will subscribe to it if I can.
"Great mag, great patterns, get it now!" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Quilterpam Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-20 01:00:58
This mag is cram-filled with patterns that will make you want to run to your stash and start cutting and stitching! I loved that so many patterns were made from the authors' own stash collections, rather than specific fabric collections. The instructions were clear and supplemented with informal, friendly tips. I hope that there are lots more editions planned.
"Love this Magazine" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Kathy Longstreet Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-06-27 17:10:14
Normally, I'm a magazine browser; you know, flipping through the pages to see if anything sparks my interest after which I pass it on to Guild library. The Guild is not getting this one . . . I have read almost every page of this issue. I love it - and am looking forward to a subscription offer.
"beginning quilter" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Karen Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-07-25 23:35:33
I just love this new magazine! I picked it up at Joanne's because I had watched Mary on the quilting shows and loved her. I want to get a subscription.
"quiltymag" Product Rating:
Posted By:  nedlelvr Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-08-02 09:59:01
I'v been using needles of all kinds my entire life. Crochet,knitting, quilting, needlework, etc. I stopped buying magazines some time ago. I know my likes by now and found that I have little interest in magazines. I purchsed Quilty at my local fabric store not really knowing what it was about. I found that I liked the magazine very much. It covers many levels and interest and I find myself looking forward to the next issue. Don't disappoint me. I would subscribe to this.
"Where Have You Been Quilty?" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Angie Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-08-26 04:39:28
Quilty's premier issue deserves more than a 5 star rating. I love Mary's presentation, her methods, her ideas, and her shiny personality all packed into this first issue. I know this is going to be my personal favorite and "go to" magazine. Quilty isn't just for those who are new to Quilting, but for advanced sewers as well. There is so much to adore about Quilty. I am already obsessed and waiting to get my hands on the next issue. And Spoolie is such a great little guy. I Heart him all over the place! Thank you Mary and team, for this fabulous filled to the brim with goodness publication!
"Quilty Pleasure!" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Tracey Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-09-09 11:28:56
I absolutely LOVE this magazine! As a rookie quilter, I find the info super easy to follow & find myself excited, not intimidated, by the projects!
"Quilty Summer 2012" Product Rating:
Posted By:  Kathy O Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-10-09 11:42:37
I loved the magazine. It has a lot of interesting things and advice. One problem I would like to know if this is the only one you have published, because in the first magazine there was a coupon to subscribe the the magazine and I did and I have not recevied another magazine since I purchased the first one in the store. Thank you.
"quilty magazine" Product Rating:
Posted By:  vickie trice Location: 
Date Posted:  2012-11-13 00:43:19
I purchased this magazine earlier this year and I was hooked. I have been checking to seen when this becomes a subscription, when will that happen? Soon I hope. I am ready to place my order.
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